Monday, June 24, 2013


Assalamualaikum W.B.T.. hope all my friends and reader are in good condition.. InsyaAllah.. here, I wanna share about one of my program which is MAAL HIJRAH 1434H... sorry, little bit late.. eh, not little, verrrryyyyy late to share.. my post already stuck in post... and I forgot about it.. hehe... What are special of this program.. it because we have invite USTAZ DON... wah, first time to hear it live.. yeaahhh, he a good in sharing the knowledge.. here our momentoooooo...


he sat straight in front of me.. believe it or not..hehe
we are family... :)

Visiting To The Madrasah...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t... After a few months, I had come back. hihi... sorry for my blog.. pity for u that have owner like me.. so what, you have to...hehe... ok, what i wanna share huh? now, I’m counting my days for back to continue my next sem study.. Actually, I’m still lazy.. why? Because of ..errmm.. i don’t know...hehe.. ok, got the idea.. I wanna share about my activity on my last sem. That is VISITING TO THE MADRASAH “ZIARAH KE MADRASAH”..

So, what its motif? Ok, for me, there a lot of motif.. but, I just share that i know k n for my side of opinion/view.. sorry, I’m not good enough of knowledge to share it.. first, for me that study in environment that have a lot of challenge and temptation.. and some time, I fell down and sometimes I fail to face it.. Allah...but I know that every challenge and test have something which are very special for me.. InsyaAllah.. by visiting to madrasah, I feel so peaceful and I want to stay there.. Yes, I’m fall in love with that madrasah.. Its name is Madrasah Al-Jenderami..
And other view of me are I am learn something new? what that? let it be a secret.. hihi.. sorry.. for the person who want to learn more about Islam.. just go there.. I’m sure you will find it.. InsyaAllah.. ok, that all.. I don’t want to share more.. hehe.. Now, I wanna share a picture of it..


We find this in front of that village.. Ya Allah, what a vey beauty and i love to see this.... It hard to find this sign in our place right? so, when u see this, what in your mind? of course, you will see people in there are cover their aurat right? We see the beauty of Islam in there... and beauty of muslimah.. all are thery are cover their aurat..

You have came to the madrasah which are make I fall in love on this place..

Here are their materials for study..

The muslimeen.. taking their picture.. (feeling handsome)hehe
I were taking picture with my friends also, but it wil not post here... ;)
here are us...

ok, that all... wassalam.. ;)

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